About Us

DSC_0779 edit 3Thank you for your interest in Coastal Seas Kennels. We specialize in purebred Newfoundlands and provide Showing, Behavior and Nutrition; occasionally have puppies from our very selective breeding.

Established in 2005, Coastal Seas Kennels has been producing American Kennel Club (AKC) registered Newfoundlands of outstanding type and temperament. We do not breed to produce puppies, but rather to better the breed. Every breeding is carefully planned taking into consideration temperament, health, and conformation.

As a responsible breeder, we welcome your questions regarding the health, temperament, and quality of our dogs, or dogs from another breeder. Common questions include information about feeding, grooming, training, socialization and veterinary requirements. We also know other reputable breeders and can help you find a puppy if we do not have any available.

About Coco

Coco Worrell is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) and committed to the health and well-being of not only Newfoundlands, but all dogs. She studied at Western University Animal Behavior/Psychology.

She founded Coastal Seas Kennels in 2005. With the patience and support of her family, she strived to reach her goal of AKC top breeder/kennel.  As a working mother of three, she won that title in 2010 in the form of “AKC Top Breeder of the Year”.

In 2009 she interned for the Santa Ana Zoo, studying the behavior of Capuchin Monkeys under the training of primate zoo keepers. As her knowledge and experience of animal behavior grew, she blended her education and love for animals into a new version of Coastal Seas Kennels in 2012.

Coco then approached the colleges in the Orange County areas and asked that Coastal Seas Kennels be added to their internship programs. Coastal Seas was accepted as a valuable training source in many animal programs, Coco often using her own dogs and rescues to further students’ hands on experience. She taught students about animal welfare and behavior through her belief that all living creatures deserve compassion and love. 

Most recently she worked with shelters and rescue organizations during Hurricane Harvey, assessing medical conditions and the stress levels in animals. Coco is currently working with fellow behaviorists in researching “ The Red Zone Dog” as well as running her own pet sitting service that specializes in atypical dog behaviors.

She can be reached at cocoworrel@hotmail.com or 714-768-4494